All things come to an end, especially bubbles.
Below the schematic representation of the way bubbles develop and deflate and what phases they go through. Below  it, a graph showing the rise and rise of silver during the last 8 years in a weekly graph of the price of the stuff in dollars per troy ounce. And for those who did not put two and two together, the graphs combined in the bottom graph.

The top we have had, denial we have heard and the bull trap ran its course. We are now returning to “normal”, meaning going back to the new “paradigm” we’ve established, that is: “Silver is not overpriced, it should be this expensive, the world has changed, this time it is different, we will never go back to the era of cheap silver, etc.”
But during the next slump this certainty will turn to fear, fear to capitulation, capitulation to despair.
I am sharpening my knives to ride this snake..  (That’s a disclaimer, I am not holding a position in silver at the moment.)